Hey there. I’m Will. I’ve been on the Internet since forever ago. Looking at my photo, you’ve probably seen me around? 🙂

I use computers and mobile phones and tablets and game consoles and anything geeky I can get my hands on; I have been doing this since the 8-bit computers of the 80s. I currently use a Blackberry Dtek50, but have used every mobile platform and device at one time or another. I use Blackberry because I want to.

I do talk about platforms other than Blackberry, however, since I use Blackberry you will probably see a preference to this device. I don’t bash other phones, and I really don’t care what people use. Interesting things that happen, no matter the device, will be mentioned here. This is what I won’t do, and coincidentally it is the type of person/blog that drives me batshit crazy:

  • re-tweet/repost every mention of Blackberry
  • create a John Chen is God shrine area – he is a very, very smart CEO, and a razor-sharp businessman, but I never elevate anybody to the status of a tech deity.
  • trash other devices with flamboyant comparisons
  • call users of devices other than blackberry stupid/idiot/moron/etc … unless they appear to genuinely be stupid/idiot/moron/etc
  • get all serious about everything in the world like I have a major case of stick-up-my-ass
  • edit/remove opposing comments – I mentioned this elsewhere, and it infuriates me when authors censor the bejeezus out of things. I don’t expect everybody in the world to agree with me, and I’m cool with that. Opposing comments and ideas are what make us think … keep the brain-meat fresh – I like that. I won’t allow hate, drama, racism, general stupidity, but everything else is a go 🙂
  • talk about celebrity drama unless it directly relates to the technology I’m talking about

I work full-time, so I don’t have the time to hover my keyboard posting things and replying to comments instantly. I post things when I feel like it, or when something in current events jolts me. I reply to comments if they warrant a reply, and, as above – I remove any stupidity.

I am very easy to get along with, I don’t let the internet rule my behaviour ( <– my Canadian accent) and personal life. It’s the internet – every tool has an opinion, and even more have nothing to do but post those opinions. They can waste their life fighting a useless battle on the Internet – I’m going to enjoy real life!!

If you wish to contact me you can touch base below, or you can BBM me:

If you do BBM me, please send me something besides the default “I’d like to invite you to chat over BBM” – you can edit that field 🙂

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