Sideloading is installing software in a non-conventional way. It is becoming rare to sideload a Blackberry 10 device these days, however there is the rare instance you may need to. Although the steps involved can look complicated, perhaps overwhelming; sideloading a BAR file is pretty easy. These steps assume you have a BAR file to install, if not – download that first.

Step 1 – if you’re using Chrome, install the BB10/Playbook App Manager extension. Once installed you should see the Blackberry icon appear in the app shortcuts bar.

Step 2 – obtain your device’s IP address. Settings > About. Tap the Category drop-down and select Network. You will want the four octets of the IPv4 address. ie:


Step 3 – you will need your device in Development Mode to install a BAR file. Settings > Security and Privacy > Development Mode. If you don’t have a password on your device you will be asked for one. There is also an IP Adress drop-down – you can ignore it.

Step 4 – back in Chrome, you can initiate the App Manager Extension by clicking the Blackberry icon. Type your device’s IP Address in the box labelled Device Hostname and click Save. You will now see the IP Address in blue at the bottom – click it. If you get any security warnings, just proceed (click Advanced and then Proceed).

Step 5 – On the top-right hand corner you can click the button to select/install your BAR file, or simply drag the BAR file into that area.


That’s it – you’re finished installing the app.

Don’t forget to turn off Development Mode when you are finished.


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